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Fractl is a data-oriented, declarative programming language that allows the development of business applications from high-level models or specifications. Fractl enable developers to focus on the core business requirements of their application, instead of dealing with the wiring logic and resulting accidental complexity.

Fractl is purpose-built for Generative AI

Fractl, with its ultra high-level abstraction and semantics akin to natural languages, is a perfect fit for modeling the business domain of applications. This enables developers to harness LLMs effectively and build applications not just with great speed, but also with great precision.

Fractl is a bridge between Code and Low-code/No-code

Fractl, with its ultra high-level abstraction and data-oriented syntax, also acts a single abstraction for both traditional programming and visual building in Fractl Inc's Design Studio product. Code blocks in the Fractl programming language can be directly represented as visual elements in Fractl Design Studio, without any translation, and vice versa. This unique characteristic of Fractl makes it possible for developers to concurrently use multiple ways of building:

  1. Traditional coding: The complete life-cycle of a Fractl project (design, coding, debugging and deployment) can be managed using your favorite text editor and the fractl command-line tool. Fractl models are expressed in a simple and intuitive data-oriented syntax. This means, your Fractl programs can easily integrate with existing plain-text processing tools.
  2. No-code building: Fractl Design Studio, our no-code builder, allows Fractl models to be designed visually. It also provide an accessible browser-based interface for all aspects of project management. Design Studio is also tightly integrated with the platform which automates all aspects of deploying and managing planet-scale SaaS applications.
  3. Generative AI: The very-high-level, declarative nature of Fractl is a phenomenal fit for LLM-driven code generation. The Gen-AI built-into Design Studio can generate ready-to-deploy applications from pure-text descriptions of the business problem.

Fractl is built on top of the Clojure programming language and apps built in Fractl can leverage the universe of Java and Clojure libraries.

As the next step, please proceed to setup Fractl on your machine and play with simple programs.